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    I saw your website and impressed on features present in MonoTouch. I downloaded the evaluation version and installed on my MAC book using the installation guidelines given in the web site. When I tried to open MonoDevelop application, it was not opening and it saying “Application Not Responding”. I have mentioned the steps below which I had done.

Step1: Updated my MAC book OS to version 10.5.8

Step2: Downloaded Apple Iphone SDK (version 3.1.4) and installed.

Step3: Downloaded Mono for Mac OS X and installed. Downloaded File: MonoFrameWork_24.2.3_4.macos10.novel.x86.dmg

Step4: Downloaded MonoDevelop for OS X and installed. Downloaded File: MonoDevelop-MonoTouch-Preview-20090922_0.dmg

Step5: Downloaded MonoTouch SDK and installed. Downloaded File: monotouch_eval_1.0.3.pkg

Please give me your suggestions on how to work using Monotouch in my MAC book.

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Hi Were you able to resolve this? I am also facing this – user597209 Jan 31 '11 at 17:57

Start the MonoDevelop program and select "New Solution" and then select the iPhone template.

There are a handful of walk through documents like:

Or a complete step-by-step screencast here:

Building Hello world:

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