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I would like to start using TypeScript in existing project , but there are already number of shared Javascript libraries and I expect TypeScript file to use them. Is there any way TypeScript refer those existing Javascript libraries with Project related code.

I also tried porting the exisitng Javascript libraries to TypeScript and I am getting a lot of compile time errors. Its tough to remove all the compile time errors why can't TypeScript just refer those Javascript classes "with suppress error and warning option" like Google Dart compiler.

Please suggest

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There are two cases here:

  • You are calling JavaScript from TypeScript

In this regard typescript works much like the google closure compiler. Everything needs to be declared before it can be used.

So if you have a separate javascript file that has a variable Foo (class, module, number etc) you need to tell typescript about it. At its most basic case you can do something like:

declare var Foo:any;

Otherwise you will get compile errors.

Later on you can build on this declaration. For third party libraries there is a huge resource available at

  • Copying your JavaScript into TypeScript

Additional things that might give compile errors are when you copy over your JavaScript to your TypeScript files. Here TypeScript will help you capture type errors like:

var x = '123';
var y = x.toPrecision(4); // Error x is string not a number 
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Thanks for all your comments. I got the perfect answer in the below link

How to slowly move to / migrate to TypeScript in an existing JavaScript system

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