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I am using file picker apis , i can easily upload my files to there server and they give me a unique url in return . When it comes to again fetch that file its creating a problem to me .

You can tell me how to get back file using that url by using filepicker api . You can tell me how to use that url and get image , by using c#

When i upload a picture to they return me a json object like following


So how to get back that image file using c# / Filepicket javascript api

Edit In my site user will come and upload many photos , and every link to that photo will be stored in database . Now if user want to see his uploaded pictures then i want to fetch them again from server by url . So give your solutions acc. to this scenario .

Thanks in advance

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You could put the picture in a PictureBox first using: PictureBox.Load(string); After the PictureBox is filled with the image from the url, you can decide what to do next like: saving etc.


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