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Is it possible to apply transformations to an image to transform it in a trapezium?

The image initial state is a rectangulum. The way my scene is build, I have a polygon that allows dragging on the edges, and an image with the same size and position.

I would like the image to have the same shape of the polygon aways, so it would became a trapezium when one polygon axis is dragged. Is this possible?

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I assume you're talking about something like an isosceles trapezoid rather than a simple rectangle.

The answer is No, but Yes...

No, not possible with 2D transforms--canvas.getContext("2d"). That's because 2d transforms use a 3x3 matrix that only makes parallel transforms. Since a trapezoid is non-parallel, you cannot possibly transform an image (rectangle) into a trapezoid.

But, can use webGL (canvas 3D transforms) to do non-parallel transforms and therefore you can use canvas 3D to convert an image into a trapezoid.

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Thank you! Do you know any tutorial of how doing this? I'm searching the web quite extensively but could not find anything of use. –  Tiago Jun 1 '13 at 17:52
What you're probably looking for is "perspective transforms". Perspective transforms will distort an image so it appears to move in 3D space. Giles Thomas and Tony Parisi have put together a fantastic series of beginning WebGL tutorials that are well worth a look: Be sure to have plenty of coffee before you start--these tutorials are excellent but they will challenge your brain! –  markE Jun 1 '13 at 18:07

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