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I am using the chef rbenv recipe (https://github.com/fnichol/chef-rbenv), doing a system wide install (goes into /usr/local/rbenv) with the rails lastmile cookbook (https://github.com/DanThiffault/rails-lastmile). The server works fine, I can install gems, but command line gems don't seem to work (valkyrie, mysql2psql). Do I need to do additional work to get this working?

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I'm new to rbenv from rvm where it just seemed to work. It looks like in rbenv you have to run :

bundle exec gemxx

Or generate binstubs:


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You have to run rbenv rehash everytime you install a gem with a command line script when using rbenv.

If you installed the gems in a bundle and are running the command from within the directory where the Gemfile is located, @riley's suggestion might be enough. Otherwise, rehash is the command that will make the executables available on the path.

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