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I have created a Eclipse plugin application, in which there are many secondary views created at runtime for a single static view. In the menu Window-> Show View, only the entry for the view statically created in the plugin.xml is displayed.

But the view that is created statically is useless in terms of showing results because the results are shown dynamically at runtime in the secondary views.

So, I want to display those secondary view in the menu Window->Show VIew and remove the entry for that static view from there.

Is it possible to do the same? If yes, any suggestion in this will be very helpful.

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If I believe this thread, the surest way to have a fine control over the content of the 'Window > Show View' menu is to build one...

I.e. Creating your own version of shortlist view menu item, with a code similar to org.eclipse.ui.internal.ShowViewMenu

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Dear VonC, Thank you for your reply. I'd gone through that thread and source code you referred. But I think the function ShowViewMenu() doesn't support any parameters like secondary view id. So, I am not sure it's feasible to do so that way. Also addShowViewShortcut() function doesn't support parameter for secondary id. For information of other users with similar problem, please refer below: – javdev Nov 9 '09 at 4:04

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