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I'm trying to configure Scala Debuger.

I have specs2 tests:

class DictionaryTest extends Specification  { ...
  1. I've downloaded preconfigured default scala-ide.
  2. Turn on scala debugger by default like was said on the image (2nd slide). Restart eclipse.
  3. Put breakpoint in my specs2 tests, but when start debugger still see java-like stack-traces when the code reaches the breakpoint (not like on 3rd slide).

Q: Are there some addition steps I should perform to start using/testingscala-debugger ?

Edit: why my screen is different than doc's screenshot. It seems Scala debugger was not On? At least I was hoping to see word 'Scala Display'

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Unfortunately, your probably hit a known limitation. Currently, the new debugger is available for the Scala launcher, but not for the JUnit launcher. Here is the relevant ticket.

You could work around it if you configured the test runner to wait for a remote debugger connection, and then connect the scala debugger as described here

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