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I am trying to resize a SystemIcon for use within a ErrorProvider.

  Dim WarnProvider As New ErrorProvider
  WarnProvider.BlinkStyle = ErrorBlinkStyle.NeverBlink
  WarnProvider.Icon = SystemIcons.Information.Clone()
  WarnProvider.Icon.Size = New Size(16,16)

But the SystemIcons has the size set as a read only property.

Been messing with it for the past hour and have not found any good methods to make this work.

Can someone help?


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I was looking for the same thing and found the answer elsewhere, so I'll post here http://www.codeproject.com/Questions/242780/error-provider-problem

WarnProvider.Icon = new Icon (SystemIcons.Warning, 16, 16);


WarnProvider.Icon = new Icon (WarnProvider.Icon, 16, 16);
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This does not seem to work for me. The icon still appears 32x32. –  Miral Jul 17 at 4:24

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