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I am attempting to write a few testcases for automation using robotium. I believe my question is easy but I haven't found a solution yet.

I have a dialog prompt ("OK") that is triggered only about 50% of the time. I want this test case to check if the dialog box was prompt, if it is I need to click "OK". If it was not prompt continue logging in.

                    // Entering "test" into the password field
        solo.enterText((EditText) solo
        // Pressing ENTER from the keyboard

        //waiting 5.1 Seconds

        // This is where I'm stuck
         * What I want: 
         * I want to look for the OK button, but if its not found to continue without it.
                     * If dialog button was not found, continue to login.
        assertTrue("Wait for button (text: OK) failed.",
                solo.waitForButton("OK", 20000));

Thank you!

EDIT Maybe I can surpress the token from prompting on login, but I would rather be able to click ok if it is there, or login still if it is not without failing the test case.

solo.getView(String id) I can see if it exist with this, but it will fail if it is not there.

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Here you are, it should help:

if (solo.waitForButton("OK", 20000)) {
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Great, Thank you so much. – Will Jun 13 '13 at 19:06
if you have multiple languages, it's better to use: solo.clickOnButton(getActivity().getString(android.R.string.ok)); – behelit May 12 at 4:41

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