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In play framework routes get compilation error

error on here

GET  /allFriends    controllers.Application.listAllFriends(userId:Long?=)


 @(myFriends: List[MyFriend])
    @import helper._
    @import helper.twitterBootstrap._

    @for(myFriend <- myFriends){
        @myFriend.friend_Id <br>


string matching regex `[^),?=\n]' expected but `)' found 
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There is a syntax error in your routes file: if you use ?=, you need a default value for userId in controllers.Application.listAllFriends(userId:Long?= <here>).

If you look at the Play Routing documentation, you will see that:

GET  /allFriends    controllers.Application.listAllFriends(userId:Long)

will match /allFriends?userId=1 but not /allFriends, and

GET  /allFriends    controllers.Application.listAllFriends(userId:Long ?= -1)

will also match /allFriends with the default value of -1.

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