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If I use the method Ebean.save(modelObject) in one model object, it save its content into the respective database table, if I use this method again, the Ebeans try to save the save object again, generating duplicate primary key errors.

There is a way to persist data, not really insert data? I cannot found one method for that.

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For saving new object use:


for updating use:

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hey for myobj.update(myobj.id); I'm getting this exception: Method threw 'org.springframework.beans.InvalidPropertyException' exception. Detail Message: Invalid property 'id' of bean class [models.User]: No property 'id' found –  mike james Jan 6 at 10:41
Answer to my question: Clean the solution and rebuild. –  mike james Jan 6 at 11:34

You can force update by explicitly specifying the properties you want to update. Say you want to update the name then you will do like:

Ebean.update(something, new HashSet<String>(Arrays.asList("name")));
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