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Basic setup:

Client -> dns-request -> my-dns-server ->'s dns server)

Inside my-dns-server, I want to implement the following logic:

if dns-request.domain_name == "facebook.com":
    replace dns-request.domain_name with "companysite.com"
then forward the new dns-request which has the newly replaced domain_name to
then return the result to Client

I was using 'dnsd', https://github.com/iriscouch/dnsd

I don't know what is the most straightforward way to forward the request to and return the response.

See code below:

var dnsd = require('dnsd');
        if(req.question[0].name == 'facebook.com'){
            req.question[0].name = 'companysite.com';
        //how to forward the request in a simple yet safe way? using 'net'?   
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Is it safe to use "dns.lookup"? Just wondering. –  shao Jun 1 '13 at 5:39
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