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I am new to SOAP services. I want to write a SOAP service using apache CXF from scratch. I have a WSDL file http://sms.pswin.com/SOAP/SMS.asmx?WSDL.

I was able to generate the template classes from WSDL file using wsdl2java tool which comes with CXF package but I am not sure how to proceed further. Can you please suggest a good starting tutorial/book to help me start with CXF SOAP services. Or anything that can help me build upon it. I am using JBOSS-AS7 as my web server.

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Google should help you. –  Juned Ahsan Jun 1 '13 at 6:55

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Apache CXF Example Projects cover most of the scenarios. For generating java codes, refer to WSDL to Java. Another approach is wsimport that comes with JDK. Both of them are very simple and straightforward.

Hope this helps.

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this is a good starting point:


I suggest using maven plugins for these kind of things.

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