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My client using webobjects 4.5(one of the last versions that supports Objective-C) on backend. And I need to develop using this framework. Problem is that I'm using Ubuntu linux I've tried to found how I can install framework on my OS, but found only WO 5.4 What can you advise? How I can install WO 4.5 On ubuntu?

P.S. Found GnuStep project. Is it fully compatible alternative to WO 4.5?

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Since the Objective C runtime has never been ported to Ubuntu, and there is no reason for Apple to ever do this, one cannot run WO 4.5 on a Linux distro. I think it actually was shipped to also run on Windows NT and on HP/UX and Solaris, but these probably will not help you either.

I am not sure if you can use the GnuStep code for any commercial work. I would be surprised if any lawyer would ever sign off on its use. But YMMV.

Sorry, but there does not seem to be any good news for you.

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GNUstep is used for commercial work. A few examples are Testplant, Brainstorm, IntarS. See and Disclosure: I'm associated with the GNUstep project. – Ivan Vučica Nov 4 '15 at 23:41

I have no experience with any of these frameworks; but it appears there are at least two that are meant to be WebObjects 4.5-compatible (with extensions of their own): GNUstepWeb and SOPE.

GNUstepWeb is part of GNUstep, but GNUstep on the whole is more analogous to Cocoa, not just WebObjects. I am skeptical that there is anything "fully compatible", but these two might be worth checking out.

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