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Maybe it is a very basic question but my object orientation experience come form Java, thats why I am not sure about this one.

class A
class B
class C

I have class A which has A::doSmth() as a virtual protected method. My class B inherit from class A and re-implement doSmth() as a private method. Now I want to create class C and I want to modify doSmth() method for this class. I guess I need to make doSmth() method in class B virtual, yes? Or since class B inherit from class A and doSmth() is virtual in there, I can simpley modify it in class C as well?

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I need to make doSmth() method in class B virtual, yes?

No, you are not required to do this if it is already declared virtual in class A. doSmth() will be virtual in all types derived from A. It might help to make the code more readable if you declare it virtual in each derived type that overrides it though.

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No, in C++ if you declare a particular function as a virtual it becomes virtual through out derived classes. However adding virtual in derived classes improves readability and understanding so its a good practice

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