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I'm new on Laravel 4 and I am trying to understand it.

is searched on google and on stackoverflow. Maybe i am not searching for the right syntax but i hope someone can help me, with it.

In CodeIgniter i understand it (probably). There I use in an Controller:

function __construct()
{ $this->load->model('example_m'); }

But how about in Laravel 4?

I figured out the following:

i make a static function in de model so i can access it everywhere. Example:

class Example extends Eloquent // this is the model
   public static function TestExample(){
      // do some stuff here

Or i could do it like this:

class ExampleController extends BaseController
   public $test = null;
   public function __construct()
      $this->test = new Example();
   public function index()

My question is: Is there an other way and/or what is the correct way?

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App::bind('ExampleModelInterface', 'Example');

class ExampleController extends BaseController {
    public function __construct(ExampleModelInterface $model)
        $this->model = $model;
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Do you mean simply accessing the method of a model?

Since they are static you use: Modell::method()

You might have to do a composer dump-autoload though so L4 autoloads it correctly.

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