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I'm using Benedikt Diecke's post on custom rspec example groups to test active model serializers but having trouble converting this to use mocha instead of rspec mocks.


The example includes a generic method to mock the model class that will be serialized, it uses rspec mocks - how can I convert this to use mocha?

let(:resource) do
    double(resource_name, attributes).tap do |double|
        double.stub(:read_attribute_for_serialization) { |name| attributes[name] }
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I can't see that there's much to be gained using a mock there. I'd return a real instance from the resource factory method, I.e. in the custom example group don't define let(:attributes) at all and just define

let(:resource) do

and then your serializer spec would look like

require 'spec_helper'

describe UserSerializer do
  let(:resource){ FactoryGirl.build(:resource_name) }

  it { should have_key(:name) }
  it { should have_key(:email) }
  it { should have_key(:created_at) }
  it { should have_key(:updated_at) }
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