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From last couple of days i have been trying to understand Adobe air especially to build desktop applications for windows, i am confused on which way to go. Should i spend creating sample applications using Javascript/Ajax which i have been using over years and very comfortable while writing code using web technologies.

On the other hand all the learning resources i found on the web are pointing towards flex and flash and seems to be really handy while developing great applications.

I work for a virtual university so where i will be working to create secure applications to read and watch study material which should not be pirated, we have already implemented it using Python but it is just an alternative we are using, i want to move to Adobe Air but with handful of tools without any limitations.

So again Adobe air using Javascript/Ajax or Flex

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To me it sounds like starting out using JavaScript, and see what you can accomplish that way, seems the best bet in your case. As RIAstar says, although almost all examples you'll find are in ActionScript, it is probably fairly doable to pick out the AIR specific parts and apply them in JavaScript. Should you later find that you want to dig deeper into AIR and feel like learning a new (but similar) language and new tooling is not an obstacle, you could switch to ActionScript and Flex if you feel there is a need for it.

The only prominent JavaScript developer that I know have been doing somewhat serious AIR work in JavaScript is Jonathan Snook, and that was many years ago now, see for example this article from 2007:


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AIR has been around for 6 or 7 years now and I have yet to see the first application that's been written in JavaScript. The Flex framework is just so much easier and so much more powerful.

That said, if you're an expert JS dev and a novice in the Flex world, you'll probably be more productive sticking to the tools you know. In theory the API should be the same, so the ActionScript examples you find should fairly easily translate to JavaScript. If you look through the docs, you'll see an AIR icon next to the classes that are only available in AIR. My best guess is that these classes exist under the same name in the JavaScript AIR library.

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