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I have a form where i have some text boxes and a Gridview(with Columns in it).the values entered in textboxes should be added as a row in gridview when pressing a ADD button..below is the code in the click event of ADD button..It add as a single column not as a row..Please help me with this.

        BindingList<string> Grid_data = new BindingList<string>();            
        DGMaterial.DataSource = Grid_data;
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You should think about using a class. So your BindingList is from Type myClass. Then every value is one row and every Property of your Class is a column like Fares told you in answer. –  Sebi Jun 3 '13 at 10:10

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To begin with, when you write : Grid_data.Add(someString) it adds a new element to the binding list not to the row. You have to understand that each element of the BindingList represents a row, not a value for a cell.

What you should do is the following :

BindingList<List<string>> gridData = new BindingList<List<string>>(); 
gridData.add(new List<string>() {"someString", "anotherString"}); // Your inputs here
DGMaterial.DataSource = gridData ;

Hope that helps !

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