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I'd like to create dictionary with a key containing the indexed position of a value in a list. I'm using python 2.7. Consider my attempt:

LL = ["this","is","a","sample","list"]
LL_lookup = {LL.index(l):l for (LL.index(l), l) in LL}

# desired output
print LL_lookup[1]
>> is

I recognize that a dictionary isn't necessary in this example- LL[1] would yield the same result. Nonetheless, we can imagine a circumstance where 1) a dictionary is preferable given a more complex example, and b) a dictionary look up may yield marginal performance gains with a large number of iterations.

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Note .index is not reliable, it returns the first index of an item so won't work properly for duplicate elements –  jamylak Jun 1 '13 at 14:23

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>>> LL = ["this","is","a","sample","list"]
>>> dict(enumerate(LL))
{0: 'this', 1: 'is', 2: 'a', 3: 'sample', 4: 'list'}
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inp = ["this","is","a","sample","list"]

print {idx: value for idx, value in enumerate(inp)}
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