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In my application, I need to apply this kind of address:


where: 'test-name' is some text and '12' is some ID.

Here's my router.ini:

showmovie.route = film,pokaz,:name,:id.html
showmovie.defaults.controller = movies
showmovie.defaults.action = show
showmovie.defaults.module = default
showmovie.defaults.name = ''
showmovie.defaults.id = ''

However, the url() helper seems to not fill those variables (:name and :id), so when I use it like:

$this->url(array('controller' => 'movies', 'action' => 'show', 'id' => 12, 'name' => 'testmovie'), 'showmovie', true, false);

it gives me this address:


Is there something wrong with my code or routing rule above?

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The only separator you can use for named segments in the standard route type is /, so you'll need to do this as a regex route instead.

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