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phpMayAdmin 4 (frameless Version)

I'm wondering whether someone else has encountered this problem:

on all columns of type "varbinary", phpMyAdmin converts shown values from a query to Hex. On the options tab there's a checkmark "Show binary contents as HEX", and this is un-checked.

There are some config fields which are set due to the old documentation, but with no effect.

How can I convince phpMyAdmin to do what I want and what I've told him to do: Show pure unconverted values from the DB ?

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Have you checked this bug report?

I quote this answer.

Seems that this patch cause another problem.

On milestone 4.0.1, php5.3, when a column is set to collate utf8-bin, data is always displayed as hexadecimal, whatever the value of display_binary_as_hex is.

Looking at libraries/DisplayResults.class.php, line 5941, if php version is < 5.4, then bin2hex is called every time.

The check is done because of no existence of ENT_SUBSTITUTE in 5.3, but i think a call without this constant is better than inconditionnel call to bin2hex.

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I haven't tried yet, but it may help: change this line in from

$cfg['DisplayBinaryAsHex'] = true;


$cfg['DisplayBinaryAsHex'] = false;
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That's already set, w/o effect, sorry. – Axel Amthor Jun 17 '13 at 9:08

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