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i'm making a program to block a website using file hosts,i used streamreader to read it, and i have some problem to load some of its line into a listbox when the form is loaded.
So, here is the example :
file hosts: #onlythis #onlythis #onlythis #onlythis

when program start the listbox would looks like this

so, the program only show the address in the listbox that starts with "" and ends with "#onlythis". i have done some browsing, and maybe this can be achieved by using StartsWith, Endswith, or maybe Contain. But i dont know how to use it, and i dont know if its can be combined with streamreader. or maybe there are better method to do this?

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Assuming they all will be in that specific format:

        string Path = @"C:\test.txt";
        List<string> BlockedHosts = new List<string>();
        using (StreamReader read = new StreamReader(Path))
            while (!read.EndOfStream)
                string[] data = read.ReadLine().Split(' ');
                if (data.Count() >= 3)
                    if (data[0] == "" && data[2] == "#onlythis")
     //Setting data in listbox
     listBox1.DataSource = BlockedHosts;
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thanks, this one is easy to understand for me – Sharkheart Jun 1 '13 at 17:42

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