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I have a big file with 3 columns: density, dimension, value.
10 0.3 200
10 0.4 300
20 0.3 250
20 0.4 320
I am trying to draw a 3d plot - mesh with mesh() function in octave, like this:

data = load ("file.txt");
mesh(data(:,1), data (:,2), data (:,3));

Problem I have is , I always get error:
rows (z) must be the same as length (y), columns (z) must be the same as length (x).

It worked with function plot3(), but I would like a mesh kind of plot.

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The problem is that mesh(X,Y,Z) is expecting your X and Y matrices to be generated using X = meshgrid(x) and Y = meshgrid(y) where x and y only contain unique points. Your data basically already defines the meshgrid, but it is difficult to get it out.

I suggest using reshape as:

X = reshape(data(:,1),m,n);
Y = reshape(data(:,2),m,n);    % might be reshape(data(:,2),n,m)
Z = reshape(data(:,3),m,n);

In this case the assumption is that you have m unique values in Y, and n unique values in X. You may have to transpose these in your call to mesh as mesh(X',Y',Z) or something like that.

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Yes reshape() is the answer, I already managed that but thanks. –  Klepra Jun 9 '13 at 19:27

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