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Is there any way to disable a few columns for a particular row in flex datagrid?

I have a datagrid with about 10 or more columns, say for example a few column names are: Item Id, Item Name, Item Status and VerifiedState. Initially I want the column Verified State to be disabled.

Now When the value of the column, Item Status is Review Passed for a particular row, I want the column VerifiedState to be enabled and editable. Is that possible in Flex datagrid.

If so, how can I achieve it.

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you want to disable column or row? title says row but the third para in your question says column –  Amarghosh Nov 6 '09 at 13:43
I want to disable selected columns in selected rows.. sorry about the confusion in the question. I'll change it.. –  Angeline Nov 7 '09 at 5:05

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You can do an ItemRenderer for the VerifiedState column, that won't show anything unless Item Status is Review Passed.

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I agree use ItemRenderers, for any of the columns you want to disable. Then in your override of 'set data' just check if the row is in the correct state and add PropertyChange listeners to data obj (so when the object enters the correct state you can enable the column).

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