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The code looks like this:

 function TrimLength(text, maxLength) {
        text = $.trim(text);

        if (text.length > maxLength) {
            text = text.substring(0, maxLength - ellipsis.length)
            return text.substring(0, text.lastIndexOf(" ")) + ellipsis;
            return text;

The problem I have is that it does the following thing:

hello world and an...

The curse of the gaming backlog –...

I want to make sure that it instead does:

hello world and...

The curse of the gaming backlog...

I guess that I need to make sure that there is alphabet char like (a,b,c,d etc..) and no special characters.

Any kind of help is appreciated

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You might want to start with this:

function cutoff(str, maxLen) {
    // no need to cut off
    if(str.length <= maxLen) {
        return str;

    // find the cutoff point
    var oldPos = pos = 0;
    while(pos!==-1 && pos <= maxLen) {
        oldPos = pos;
        pos = str.indexOf(" ",pos) + 1;
    if (pos>maxLen) { pos = oldPos; }
    // return cut off string with ellipsis
    return str.substring(0,pos) + "...";

which at least gives you cutoffs based on words, rather than letters. If you need additional filtering, you can add it, but this will give you a cutoff such as "The curse of the gaming backlog – ..." which doesn't look wrong, honestly.

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