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How can i apply drag and drop for circles which is drawn using onMouseDrag. Look at the fiddle

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Here is a fiddle with a rough demonstration for drag and drop. In general, the mouse tool has two modes; drawing and dragging. The state management in the fiddle is weak and writing a proper mouse tool would require more in-depth knowledge about paper.js.

<script type="text/paperscript" canvas="canvas">
        var path = null;
        var circles = [];

        // Mouse tool state
        var isDrawing = false;
        var draggingIndex = -1;

        function onMouseDrag(event) {

            // Maybe hit test to see if we are on top of a circle
            if (!isDrawing && circles.length > 0) {
                for (var ix = 0; ix < circles.length; ix++) {
                    if (circles[ix].contains(event.point)) {
                        draggingIndex = ix;

            // Should we be dragging something?
            if (draggingIndex > -1) {
                circles[draggingIndex].position = event.point;
            } else {
                 // We are drawing
                    path = new Path.Circle({
                        center: event.downPoint,
                        radius: (event.downPoint - event.point).length,
                        fillColor: null,
                        strokeColor: 'black',
                        strokeWidth: 10

                  isDrawing = true;

        function onMouseUp(event) {
            if (isDrawing) {

            // Reset the tool state
            isDrawing = false;
            draggingIndex = -1;
<canvas id="canvas"></canvas>
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This is what i needed. I have to proceed with next step now, that is to resize the circles. Your demonstration gave me some idea. Thank You. –  chiyango Jun 1 '13 at 21:10
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