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I’m trying to create a custom datasource for Amazon Web Services in CakePHP. My approach is as follows:

  • Base AwsDataSource that creates signatures, makes the actual HTTP requests etc
  • Various datasources for each AWS product (i.e. S3, SQS etc) that extend this class and specifies the endpoint to use
  • Models for things like S3Bucket, SqsQueue, SqsMessage and so on

My base datasource class looks like this (simplified):

class AwsDataSource extends DataSource {

    public $config = array(
        'key' => '',
        'secret' => '',
        'region' => ''
    public $endpoint;

    public function signRequest($parameters) {
        // generates signature

    public function makeRequest($parameters = array(), $method = 'get') {
        // generates signature and makes HTTP request to AWS servers

And a sample model looks like this:

class SqsQueue extends AwsAppModel {

    public $name = 'SqsQueue';
    public $useTable = false;

My problem comes trying to then use these models/datasources in my CakePHP app.

I’ve implemented methods named create(), read(), update() and delete() in my AWS datasource as per the CakePHP cookbook, but they don‘t seem to be getting called. I know this because I’ve put die() statements in my datasource with a message, and execution is never stopped.

I’ve exhausted the cookbook, so if any one could show me how to get my models to call the CRUD methods in my datasource classes then I’d be most grateful.

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My bad. Turns out my approach was flawed.

The datasource is specified in database config and is specified as AwsDataSource. Therefore, S3DataSource or SqsDataSource is never used, even though that’s where I’ve defined my CRUD methods, hence my application never exiting (because the CRUD methods aren’t defined in AwsDataSource, the actual datasource being called).

Looks like it’s back to the drawing board.

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