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I'm trying to create a script to automatically log me in to a password protected server to upload a file from an ubuntu directory automatically. I am doing this for the purposes of automatically backing up a directory every hour. I already know had to add cron jobs to run my script every hour, but I don't know how to SSH, zip my directory then upload it. I don't know bash scripting very well, and in fact I was thinking it might be easier for me to use a python script. What is the best way to go about doing this?

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You could do this with Rsync. It supports ssh tunneling and is a very good tool for backups.

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You absolutely need public keys instead of passwords. And using bash will be far easier than python. Simply zip your file and then scp it or rsync the whole dir.

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+1 to that. And if you're going to protect your ssh keys with passphrases (usually a good idea), you'll need to learn a bit about ssh agents to avoid having to enter a passphrase every hour. The man page for ssh-agent is a good place to start. – gcbenison Jun 3 '13 at 2:15
zip -R directory && scp username@server:destination_path

should do the job. As stated above, you should definitely use key authentication for this.

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You can try to use "Twisted conch library"

Conch is an SSHv2 implementation written in Python.

There is an example here:

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