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I have a confusion about amazon cloud front streaming option. I have not signed up for AWS as yet so I want to be sure what I want.

The scenario is that I select a video to be streamed to iPhone at 2 am. The video is 30 minutes long. If a person opens up the video link at 2 10 am. From where will he see the video? Will he be viewing the video form the start or will he be viewing the video from 10 am onwards?

My second question is that can the user seek forward or backwards when I am streaming the video from cloudfront?

Basically I want to stream pre recorded webinars and I want to give the illusion to the user that its a live event without allowing them to seek forward or backs.

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You would probably have to run it as a live stream. Otherwise its will just be a standard video stream where you can seek to any position in playback.

You can find some more information on how to do that here:

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