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is there a way to modify the path of QGraphicsPathItem in Qt?

I created the Item this way:

    QGraphicsPathItem* item = new QGraphicsPathItem();
    QPainterPath* path = new QPainterPath();
    path->cubicTo(3,5, 3,10, 0,15);

now i want to modify the elements of the path:

    item->path().elementAt(0).y = -5;
    item->path().elementAt(0).x =  0;

but i get following error:

assignment of member 'QPainterPath::Element::y' in read-only object
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Since path() returns a QPainterPath, you will need to modify the path with:

void QPainterPath::setElementPositionAt(int index, qreal x, qreal y)

and then re-set the path to the QGraphicsPathItem.

Here is a sample:

QPainterPath p = item->path();
p.setElementPositionAt(0, 0, -5);

It would be wise to also use:


to ensure the index you are wanting to modify is within bounds.

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