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How do you replace all missing values with zeroes in SAS? I have a text file that I dump into SAS to process some geo data, but whenever it has a missing value it breaks the operations. Is there a way to change this without specifying each field? I have over 200.

The way I do so is:

data geo_cali_north;
set geo_cali_north;
if polar_data eq . then 0;
if lat_xvar eq . then 0;

How can I avoid doing this for every field?

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You can set all the missing values to 0 with like this:

data myData;
set myData;
array a(*) _numeric_;
do i=1 to dim(a);
if a(i) = . then a(i) = 0;
drop i;

This will convert any numeric "." to a 0

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That works great! thank you! –  user2444108 Jun 1 '13 at 22:05
no problem :) if you find it useful please consider upvoting and accepting this question so it remains useful for other users. –  isJustMe Jun 1 '13 at 22:06
I'd suggest a slight modification; instead of if a(i)-.... a better solution is a[i]=coalesce(a[i],0);; that will work for special missings (.A .B .Z etc.) in addition to . missing. (The MISSING function would also do that, this is somewhat faster I believe.) Coalesce returns the first nonmissing value from a list of values. –  Joe Jun 2 '13 at 0:36

Another option:

proc stdize data=mydata reponly missing=0 out=newdata;
var _numeric_;

If you have SAS/STAT, probably faster than the datastep option for large datasets.

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