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We are using MongoDB as database which is a busy Web Application . (busy in sense 800 concurrent users , every second there would be 50 - 70 or more updations on MongoDB )

The application is already in place and is not from scratch (the indexes on Mongodb collections have been already created ) when i took over this Application .

We recently had a new functionality developed and we added some new fields / attributes to one of our collection in mongodb .

my question is that can i update the index ( add a new field to it ) to the existing index of the collection ??

I was confused and asking because i read that Rebuilding an index might be costly and slow down the application for some databases like Oracle .

please share your ideas , thank you very much .

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No, you cannot modify existing MongoDB indexes. For a case like this it's probably best to create the new index in the background (the {background: true} option), and then drop the existing index when the new one has finished building.

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