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For a customizable laser-cut drawers project I would like to be able to create the connection between any two intersecting perpendicular "2D" objects (with width) programmatically. For this I need to:

  • load and save 2D objects in some standard format.
  • extrude 2D object, and make the standard manipulations on 2D objects (specifically subtraction of objects.)
  • intersect 2 object, and be able to determine the "line" of intersection.

Which library/tool you would suggest for that? Can you estimate how difficult it would be to master it to do the above tasks?



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I'm biased ( PythonOCC dev ), but I'd say OpenCasCade would best fit your needs. Its comes wit Step and Iges importers out of the box ( more formats are supported commercially ), where you'd have to parse and reconstruct the geometry from a file with Boost and CGAL. Finally, neither of those packages deal with nurbs / CAD geometry ( BRep, boundary representation ) but merely triangles ( polygon soup ). So, OCC fits the scope best IMHO.

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My project is based on AnyCAD .Net SDK (the .net wrapper for opencascade), and it's very easy to use.

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