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I'm new in Classification so I'm asking for some advice on how to start.

I've created a Matlab script which create two matrices, one is the class identifier, meaning 100x1 which contains the group from where the data is. group one (1) or group two (2).

The second matrix contains the features 100x40 with 40 features for each point.

What's the best way to start, I'm really lost. Does Matlab has some functions I can use?

I would really appreciate some help.

Thank you.

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It depends on what version of MATLAB you are using, but the best starting point would be to look at statistics toolbox for supervised learning. Here are some starting tips for MATLAB 2013a:

Let's assume that your data is

classes: 100x1
features: 100x40

For each method, the first line shows you how to fit your classification model and the second lines shows how to classify the first row of data in features.

Statistics Toolbox

Naive Bayes Classification


myClassifier =, classes)

Nearest Neighbors


myClassifier =, classes)

Classification Trees


myClassifier =, classes)

Support Vector Machines


Note that Support Vector Machines moved into 2013a from Bioinformatics toolbox and it only supports classification into two groups.

myClassifier = svmtrain(features, classes)
svmclassify(myClassifier, features(1,:))

Discriminant Analysis


myClassifier =, classes)

Neural Network Toolbox:

If you only have two classes, you could use Neural Network Toolbox for pattern recognition by typing nnstart

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