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I have this code:

echo $b1[1][wood];   // It would say 100

But i want to change the 1 in $b1, for example:

$id = 1;
echo $b(The $id here)[1][wood];

I tried

echo $b'.$id.'[1][wood];  

But it didnt work. Does any one have any suggestions ?


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Ick. Try to avoid "variable variables" - not many languages have such a construct, but work fine anyway. Don't confuse "convenient" (per the documentation's wording) with "appropriate". –  user2246674 Jun 2 '13 at 0:15
Milan's answer below is perfect for this. however, I suggest you would want to try out using array instead. –  Aldee Mativo Jun 2 '13 at 4:59

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Try this:

$id = 1;
echo ${'b'.$id}[1]['wood'];
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why don't you use an array() type ?

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Try this:

$varName = 'b' . $id;
echo ${$varName}[1]['wood'];

(Notice I also put quotes around 'wood' - PHP treats wood as an undefined constant, which will work, but generates a warning)

A better solution would be to avoid variable variables altogether. Couldn't you just make $id another dimension of the array? $b[$id][1]['wood'] ?

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