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Has anyone checked out a copy of Drupal 7 yet? What do people think?

I'm pretty excited about the PDO and all of the designers I work with a very excited about the new admin interface/structure.

Do we have any Drupal core developers here on Stack Overflow?

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It looks good, and the API is now frozen so module developers can get going before the final release.

A lot of the strength of Drupal comes from the modules and until they are on D7 it won't have a huge amount of benefit over D6.

The architectural changes are good and the api changes generally seem to be a step in the right direction. Personal favourite is RDF in core.

Eaton is still the top Drupal answerer on SO, and has done a lot of work on Drupal

Greggles has dabbled in SO and is part of the Drupal security team

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You bet. It's a major disappointment when you're a newbie to a CMS, see a discussion about a module that EXACTLY fits your needs, jump up and down in joy and do a quick Google search and - finally when you're there at the module page, it is probably still in Alpha 1 for D7 or worse yet not at all ported, despite "promising to release on the day of D7 launch". I still like Drupal though. It's an abusive relationship. :( – Aditya M P Jun 19 '11 at 1:01

I finally got around to signing up on SO, and I'm a core contributor. I'm obviously biased, but I think Drupal 7 is even more of an improvement over D6 than D6 was over D5. The easiest way to give it a spin is to sign up for a Drupal Gardens account. It'll take a little while to get an invite though.

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/me waves to ksenzee – Dave Reid Sep 23 '10 at 0:17

Drupal Gardens is now in public beta; it is free, and you can export your site at any time. Check out the FAQ if you know Drupal.

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