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I have a default template for work item (test case, bugs, user story etc) but it has limited number of fields, can someone help me how can I add more fields to my existing template to gather more information for each work item. I am admin for my project in Team Foundation Server.


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This is a fairly simple process when you have the Team Foundation Server Power tools installed. If you want to store these workitem definitions in sourcecontrol (for later updates), then here's a nice walkthrough.

You can also use the Team Foundation Server Power tools directly to update the workitems directly on the server. This is not recommended if you want to distribute your updates to multiple team projects. But I find it an easy way to apply the changes I want to a temporary team project, then download the changed template to then distribute it to all the other projects.

Be sure to restart Visual Studio after changing the work item definitions or you will possibly need to force Team Explorer to refresh the local cache.

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Can you please provide me a resource to edit work item using 2012. And I tried to add one more field in my existing work-item, but it does not give any information about were it will be placed on UI. As well as what data should I will in the text box provided – Varun Gupta Jun 5 '13 at 9:03
Are you using the Team Foundation Server Power Tools? There are multiple tabs on a work item. Field definitions, Workflow state and UI. You might need to add your field to each of these tabs. See also:… – jessehouwing Jun 7 '13 at 12:52

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