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<a id="a$id" onclick="check($id,1)" href="javascript:void(0)"  class="black">Qualify</a>

After "href" is removed, is "Qualify" still clickable?

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Your title question and your example are completely different. I'll start by answering the title question:


And as far as not requiring an href, the generally accepted way of doing this is:

<a href"#" onclick="doWork(); return false;">link</a>

The return false is necessary so that the href doesn't actually go anywhere.

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If you want your anchor to still appear to be clickable:


And if you wanted to remove the href from only anchors with certain attributes (eg ones that just have a hash mark as the href - this can be useful in

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Also useful in Javascript, I added pointer-events: none as well. $("a[href='#']").removeAttr("href").css("cursor","pointer").css("pointer-events"‌​,"none"); – Khagan Nov 3 '14 at 0:49

If you remove the href attribute the anchor will be not focusable and it will look like simple text, but it will still be clickable.

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It is ok as long as it looks like plain text, not like a hyperlink or button. – Steven Nov 6 '09 at 15:01

If you wanted to remove the href, change the cursor and also prevent clicking on it, this should work:

$("a").attr('href', '').css({'cursor': 'pointer', 'pointer-events' : 'none'});

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