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This works in VS C++ but produces an error compiling with GCC:

"error: invalid conversion from 'int ( * )(float, int)' to 'void *' [-fpermissive]|"

#define CLASS_HOOK_FUNC(vtable, name, tableindex) oNHook_##name = (_##name)vtable.HookVTableFunctionByIndex(tableindex, hNHook_##name);

#define HOOK_EXPORT(name) CLASS_HOOK_FUNC(g_ctExport, name, EXPORTID_##name);

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Microsoft C++ permits an implicit conversion from a function pointer to a void* which the standard doesn't permit. GCC emits an error.

There was a recent bug report on Microsoft Connect:

You just need to place an explicit cast to void* on which ever argument to HookVTableFunctionByIndex() is taking the function pointer as a void*.

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MSC allows implicit conversion from function pointer to void *. But this is not valid on every compiler. So even though this is valid on gcc, it is not allowed unless you force gcc to allow it by adding -fpermissive

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