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Suppose I have this:

   public class CustomerViewModel
      public CustomerViewModel(ICountryRepository countryRepository)

   public class AddressViewModel
      public AddressViewModel(ICountryRepository countryRepository)

Now, I want to map it:

     AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<Address, AddressViewModel>();
     AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<Customer, CustomerViewModel>()
        .ForMember(x => x.Address, m => m.MapFrom(a => a.Addresses.FirstOrDefault()));

But obviously AutoMapper doesn't know about my DI container and how to instantiate these view models. How do I tell AutoMapper to use ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance() - either globally or for this particular mapping?

I can use

        .ForMember(x => x.Address, m => m.MapFrom(a => 

to do conversion manually... but this is not auto-mapping ;-)

Hm, in latest AutoMapper release there's

 .ConstructUsing(x => ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<CustomerViewModel>())

but as far as I see I'll have to do this for each mapping which is waste of typing work. Is there any way to setup it globally?

Also, I tried to do

      public CustomerViewModel(ICountryRepository countryRepository)
             Address = new AddressViewModel(countryRepository);

but AutoMapper still complains it cannot create AddressViewModel for Address, though Address is already created - there's no need to create it.

Update: well, I can use "m.UseDestinationValue();" but once again I want to do it globally. So here's another question: How can I setup global "mapping" actions? I.e. .UseDestinationValue(); for ALL mappings, etc.

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I think the ConstructUsing could be made global...but I'd like to know, UseDestinationValue is for individual members. If that was global, nothing would get mapped! Are there specific types of destination values that you always want to use the destination value, such as collection types? – Jimmy Bogard Nov 10 '09 at 14:44
Well, I think UseDestinationValue is not necessary to be applied globally. But I could be useful if applied conditionally, e.g. pseudocode ForAllMaps(m => if (m.DestType == typeof(AddressViewModel)) ...). I'm just used to think in general ("there's only 0, 1, and many") - if I need it for this, I may need it for any mapping property, so why not make it generic. The only thing I need now, however, is ConstructUsing, and I've also asked about it in AutoMapper google groups. – queen3 Nov 10 '09 at 14:52
you don't need to put the filling logic/ use the countryRepository in the ViewModel, look at here, there are examples of filling/reading ViewModels for strongly typed views – Omu May 5 '10 at 18:41

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