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I have a function that should run a process in background

function execInBackground($cmd) { 
    if (substr(php_uname(), 0, 7) == "Windows"){ 
        pclose(popen('start /B '.$cmd, "r"));  
    else { 
        exec($cmd . " > /dev/null &");   

I try to run script

$cmd = "php ..\runffmpeg.php";

But it does nothing. When I try to run

$cmd = 'ffmpeg -i video_in.mp4 video_out.avi';

Its all right. And when I try to run

exec("php ..\runffmpeg.php");

It's also all right. So, pclose(popen('start /B php ..\runffmpeg.php', "r")); doesn't run a command. Whats a problem? I'm using Windows and php 5.4.7

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U got any solution for this? – user2129794 Sep 21 '13 at 12:29

You can use: $cmd= include("php ..\runffmpeg.php");

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No, I cann't becaus it should run in background. – Ofer Jun 2 '13 at 10:03

hmm; forget process mgmt and just popen() the resource. If it is a daemon, you get access to it, else a subprocess is created/destroyed with the popen()/pclose().

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