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Regarding this post: how to redirect url to jsp in web.xml

it is obvious that one can make an url, for example, http://mypage.com/details/?id=20 where details is mapped to details.jsp


So, my question is as follows:

  1. how would I get the "/details/" parameter from the url within a .jsp (or servlet)?
  2. is it possible to format the url in this manner http://mypage.com/details/20/ and if so, how?


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I think you can get that and use it as variable using Spring MVC Framework or get the requestUri.

example: mypage/detail/20

String requestUri = request.getRequestUri();
int x = Integere.parseInt(requestUri.subString(requestUri.lastIndex('/',requestUri.length())));

out.println("value of x is " + x);

Try to study Spring MVC Framework

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