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I have a maven multiple-module project, which is giving me headaches in the assembly:assembly phase.

I have a module which has an assembly defined in it which works fine when I invoke mvn assembly:assembly using that pom.

The problems start when I go up one level to the parent pom and invoke assembly:assembly ... everything goes fine until the last step when I get "Reason: Error reading assemblies: No assembly descriptors found." pointing to the parent.pom where I nothing other than a list of the modules in the project.

Any suggestions (I have tried google and general debugging with -e) ?

Thanks Andy

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As you didn't provide the answer, here is how you need to attach the assembly creation to the package phase:

        <!-- Create assembly -->
            <!-- Attach the creation of the assembly to the package phase. -->
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Doh .. I knew I forgot to do something. That is pretty much character for character what I added to the module pom. Thanks – Andrew Norman Nov 6 '09 at 15:50

Ok ... fixed it.

I hadn't tied the assembly plugin to any lifecycle phases. I have now perform the assembly:assembly during the package phase and it all works now.

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