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I am using SQL Developer and I have this table structure:

Name           Null     Type         
-------------- -------- ------------ 
FIRST_NAME              VARCHAR2(20) 
SALARY                  NUMBER(8,2) 

What I want to do is print out the department_id which has AT LEAST 2 employees with salaries greater than 10000.

I though this would be the query

select department_id
from employees
having count(select * from employees where salary > 10000) > 2
group by department_id;

but, from what I found out, you can't put a SELECT statement inside COUNT so now I an stuck and I don't know how else am I supposed to do this query. Any suggestion is welcome.

UPDATE: Please note that I want AT LEAST 2 employees to have salary > 10000, not all of them

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    SELECT  Department_Id, 
      FROM  Employee
     WHERE  Salary > 10000
  GROUP BY  Department_Id
    HAVING  COUNT(*) > 1

SQL Fiddle example.

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seriously, please read the entire question before answering. If I wanted to check for everybody to have salary > 10000, your answer would be correct but I need AT LEAST two(ie, I have 4 employees in my department, 2 which have the salary greater than 10000 and another two with the salary smaller than 10000, this department_id is valid for what I need, and it is NOT valid for your query) – Dorian Jun 2 '13 at 11:31
I have read the question. See the example. It returns what you have described. There are 2 departments in the example with salaries below 10,000 (not returned), department 23 has 1 employee with salary over 10,000 (not returned) but the other with 2 employees having a salary over 10,000 is returned. – PeteGO Jun 2 '13 at 11:32
yeah, you're right, my bad... I'm a total beginner in sql – Dorian Jun 2 '13 at 11:40
SELECT department_id FROM employees
WHERE salary > 10000 GROUP BY department_id HAVING COUNT(*) >= 2;
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no, that is wrong you check for everybody to have more than 10000 salary, I need AT LEAST 2 – Dorian Jun 2 '13 at 11:13
yes, that's what the GROUP BY department_id HAVING COUNT() > 2 part do. one thing to correct though, for at least 2, it should be HAVING COUNT() >= 2. – David Jun 2 '13 at 11:22

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