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This question may related to Checking if database exists or not in SQL Azure.

In SQL Azure, I tried to use a script like this to check the existence of a database, and create the database if it doesn't exist yet (in both SQLCmd and SSMS):

IF db_id('databasename') IS NULL CREATE DATABASE databasename

However, SQL Azure keeps telling me

Msg 40530, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
The CREATE DATABASE statement must be the only statement in the batch.

While the same script did work on a local SQL express instance.

Does this mean it is not supported on SQL Azure? Or is there any work around?

Thanks in advance.

Eidt: Let me clarify what I want to achieve: I want a script which will create a certain database only if it doesn't exist before. Is it possible to have such kind of script for SQL Azure?

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It's saying you can't do theck and create in the same piece of sql.

i.e you need to do Select IF db_id('databasename') test the whether it returns null, and if so then execute the create database.

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Thank you for the answer. But what I want to achieve is to have a script to create a certain database only if it doesn't exist. Is it possible to have such a script for SQL Azure? –  Shane Lu Jun 2 '13 at 12:53

We have a similar problem. It looks like we can do something with SET NOEXEC ON, as in the following StackExchange answer.

IF (<condition>)

CREATE DATABASE databasename

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