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I'm trying to add a .jar library to my project into the /libs folder. Here is my grade.build:

    buildscript {
        repositories {
        dependencies {
            classpath 'com.android.tools.build:gradle:0.4'
    apply plugin: 'android'

    dependencies {
        compile files('libs/android-support-v4.jar', 'libs/java-api-wrapper-1.2.0-all.jar')

    android {
        compileSdkVersion 17
        buildToolsVersion "17.0.0"

        defaultConfig {
            minSdkVersion 15
            targetSdkVersion 16

After I add that, I build my project and there are no errors. But when I try to use the class in my code private ApiWrapper wrapper, I get an error:

Gradle: error: cannot find symbol class ApiWrapper

I can't quite find where the error is. Is my grade.build not ok, or am I supposed to build it some other way?

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Do you have any sub-projects, or just one main gradle project? I was getting a similar error in one of my sub-projects... –  Igor Ganapolsky Jan 16 at 17:19

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Using the command line, in the root of your project, run :
./gradlew clean && ./gradlew build

Then recompile your project in studio and you should see your new lib.

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I thought if you run Build -> Rebuild Project it will run assembleDebug task for Gradle, which runs 'clean' task beforehand anyway. –  Igor Ganapolsky Jan 16 at 17:15

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