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How Can I fitler Facebook Events Using Location By FQL ex. I want to get all event which will be in Egypt

SELECT name FROM event 
WHERE strpos(lower(name), 'Egypt') >= 0

But when I try to use the above Query it returns that for me:

Your statement is not indexable. The WHERE clause must contain an indexable column. Such columns are marked with * in the tables linked from

Note : I hope to get the public events filtered by event name contains.

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As the message says, you have to use some column that is indexable, and name isn't. – Eduardo Moratto Jun 2 '13 at 12:48

With the changes that they have made, queries using an app access_token cannot use the above query:

SELECT name,location FROM event WHERE contains('egypt')

The query works with session tokens (user access_tokens), however, with an app access_token it just returns:

  "error": {
  "message": "(#200) Must have a valid access_token to access this endpoint", 
  "type": "OAuthException", 
  "code": 200

It was surprising to me since I could still use any other query else than contains on the events table with an app access_token

UPDATE: After looking at their documentations, I found out that you can only use the app access token for very limited set of queries:

What I finally did was I used the following to obtain a session access_token from my user as a page_manager{MY_CLIENT_ID}&scope=manage_pages&redirect_uri={MY_REDIRECT_URI}&response_type=token

The above query returns your your access_token and you can use it to run your query successfully. What it basically does is that it appends your access_token to you as a hashed attributed


If you would like to parse the access token on the server, this would not work for you, since the hashed attribute is not sent with the request to your server. What you can do is to append type=web_server to the above request to facebook. In that case the access_token will be returned as a request parameter named code

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The closest you can get is to use the contains predicate

SELECT name,location FROM event WHERE contains('egypt')

Which will get you some events that contain "egypt" in the text

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Maybe a little late, but this link might be helpful.

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