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For what it's worth I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 and TortoiseHG version 2.8.

The yellow scheme for the status.unknown items works well on a black background of the command line but not on the white background of the GUI.

I added red_background to the status.unknown line in the [color] section of Mercurial.ini. It changed the output of the hg status command as expected.

I went back to the GUI version and there was no change. I thought it must need to be reloaded so I went to Global settings for the GUI, made a change to an option, saved it then changed it back. I thought it would cause a reload of the options. No change.

It did say to restart all TortoiseHG programs but I had nothing else open.

Barring a lengthy restart of the machine what should I do?

Update #1

It seems that the GUI ignores the background values in the [color] section. I changed the color to blue (unreadable in the command prompt), rebooted and the text became blue in the GUI, but the background stayed white.

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TortoiseHG reads Mercurial.ini on the fly. After I rebooted the computer I could change the colors without doing anything other than updating the ini file.

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