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Is this possible?

We have a Configuration Management Database that stores information such as our servers, what datacentre they're stored in, applications that reside on them, as well as interfaces that send data from one application to another.

We would like to use Visio to connect to our SQL 2005 database, and automatically generate a flow diagram that details these dependancies and relationships.

So again - is this possible? If so, does anyone know of some documentation that details how to do this?

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Perhaps it would be useful to post the relevant parts of the database schema? –  cdeszaq Oct 26 '09 at 13:17
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Is this what you are looking out for?

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not really... it's too 'general'. I can't make it work for some reason. perhaps I'm missing an important piece of info? –  Kolten Oct 10 '08 at 18:03
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Ok, so I've been looking, but I can't find out how to accurately convey a representation of my data. Perhaps a quick break-down of our Configuration Management Database may help:

Application -> stored in -> datacenter
            -> stored in -> server name
            -> is support by -> employee name
            -> feeds data to -> application (or interface)
            -> pulls data from ->  application (or interface)

basically, these types of relationships exist in the database undercolumns like "originalconfigitemid" and "destinationitemid" and "relationshiptypeid" etc...

It's a very basic database with these types of relationships.

How can I accurately represent the data? I've looked at reverse engineering, pivot tables, etc. but I can't represent the data appropriately.

Will I be required to code up some C# to get it to do what I want?
What do I want the diagram to look like? I want: -Application name at top -relational 'line' to "is supported by" with employee names underneath -relation 'line' to 'is stored in' with servers underneath -relational 'line' to 'feeds data to' with interfaces or apps underneath -relational 'line' to 'pulls data from' with interfaces or apps underneath

...a simple visio diagram that I could create for a single application in 2 minutes... but we have hundreds of apps. It would be nice to do this dynamically. What am I missing here? What is the best solution?

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